Event Calendar

March 2019

Sat 2            Men’s Bible Fellowship                       6:30 pm               Lake Street

Sun 3           Food Share Sunday                                                             Lake Street

Tues 5         Indoor playground                  9-11 am                              Lake Street

Choir practice                            7:15 pm                            Pleasant Valley

Wed 6                                            11:00 am                          UM Women Ash Wednesday brunch at Lake Street

Imposition of Ashes                    4-6 pm                         Lake St

Clearfield Cluster Ash Wednesday service   7:00 pm    Trinity UM Church

Thurs 7       Indoor Playground                 9-11 am                             Lake Street

Real Relationships class                              6-8:30 pm                      Lake Street

Sun 10        Trustee meeting                   After Worship                     Lake Street

Sacrificial offering                                                                                      Pleasant Valley

Confirmation class-mentors                      5:30 pm                           Lake Street

Confirmation class-youth                           6:00 pm                           Lake Street

Tues 12         Indoor playground              9-11 am                              Lake Street

Church council meeting                               7:00 pm                             Lake Street

Choir practice                                                  7:15 pm                            Pleasant Valley

Thurs 14        Indoor playground               9-11 am                              Lake Street

Lenten Luncheon                                         12:05 pm                              Emmanuel UM Church

Real Relationship Classes                           6-8:30 pm                          Lake Street

Church Council meeting                              7:00 pm                             Pleasant Valley

Sat 16         Men’s Bible Fellowship            6:30 pm                             Lake Street

Tues 19      Indoor playground                             9-11 am                  Lake Street

Thurs 21     Indoor playground                              9-11 am                 Lake Street

Lenten luncheon                                                     12:05 pm                  West Side UM Church

Real Relationship classes                                   6-8:30 pm                  Lake Street

Sun 24        Brunch                                                     Noon                        Lake Street

Newsletter articles due to Eunice                                                        Both churches

Tues 26     Indoor playground                                9-11 am                  Lake Street

Choir practice                                                              7:15 pm                Pleasant Valley

Thurs 28     Indoor playground                              9-11 am                 Lake Street

Lenten luncheon                                                       12:05 pm                Trinity UM Church

Real Relationship classes                                        6-8:30 pm            Lake Street


United Methodist Women’s Ash Wednesday brunch will feature guest speaker Pastor Gregg Kohlhepp, pastor of the Woodland Area Parish – Sermon title  “Purple Cows”.  All are welcome.

Sacrificial offering taken at Pleasant Valley on March 10 will benefit Crossroads (an organization that helps victims of abuse)

Indoor playground on the 14th will celebrate St Patrick’s Day

Lenten luncheons start at 12:05 pm with a short service followed by the luncheon (cost is $5.00) – those needing to get back to work will be served first.  If school is cancelled due to weather, these luncheons are cancelled.  Speakers are as follows:                                                      14th – Hiram Westover “Lazarus Raised” at Emmanuel UM Church                                                       21st – Bob Way “Crippled Woman Healed” at West Side UM Church                                                     28th – Gregg Kohlhepp  “Little Children” at Trinity UM Church